Wired Backlit USB Mouse Competitive Gaming Mouse Notebook Office Luminous Mouse

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• Backlit Design :The backlit design of this mouse ensures that it’s easy to use in low-light conditions, making it perfect for gaming or working late into the night.

• Competitive Gaming Mouse :With its high-speed movement and precise tracking, this mouse is designed to help you dominate your opponents in competitive gaming.

• Luminous Mouse :The luminous feature of this mouse makes it easy to locate in the dark, ensuring that you never lose track of it during intense gaming sessions.

• Wired Connection :The wired connection of this mouse ensures that you get a stable and reliable connection, free from any interference from other devices.

Product parameters

Product model: S1 luminescence mouse

Number of buttons: 3 buttons

Product line length: approximately 1.4 meters

Product lighting effect: Color breathing light effect

Product color: black

Product interface: USB

Product size: 125*68*39mm

Operating system: Win XP/7/8/10


1、The product supports wired connection

2、Bluetooth and converter are not supported

3、Don’t break with violence


1. Double clicking the drive icon in Windows opens the drive in the Explorer window

2. The precautions for using a mouse are as follows: When using the mouse, caution should be exercised. Improper use may damage the mouse. When using the mouse, the following points should be noted: avoid using the mouse on surfaces with low surface finish such as clothing, newspapers, carpets, rough wood, etc. Do not touch the mouse, and do not move the mouse in a box; Prohibit using the mouse in high temperature and strong light; Do not place the mouse in liquid.

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